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Transform is dedicated to building the best staircases in Manchester, we have been at the forefront of staircase design in the North West for over 30 years.

Handcrafted in the UK

30 Years Experience

The Finest Materials

Completely Bespoke

Transform Your  Staircase In Manchester

You can take our extensive client list as proof that we take pride in every single staircase that we design. We are a family-run business with a huge passion for customer satisfaction, and we go above and beyond when it comes to any job we undertake when transforming an existing staircase in Manchester.

The main focus of our business is on staircase renovations. However, if you are looking to replace an old staircase we can also design, fabricate, and install bespoke staircases made specifically to your own specifications. We also offer the option of iron, glass or traditional staircase dependent on specific needs.

Our experienced team of professionals will help you along the way when designing your new staircase, and we can sit down with you and walk you through the selection of stair components and provide you with advice and help to pick the style that matches your home.

Every time we renovate or manufacture a staircase we always use the best quality materials. So if you are looking to renovate existing staircases in your home or install a completely new staircase contact the professional team here at Transform today, either by calling us, emailing us, or even reaching out on social media!

Bespoke Staircases Manchester

In addition to being one of Manchester’s most prestigious staircase manufacturers, our team of joiners takes great pride in delivering high quality staircases. When you take advantage of our expertise in staircase renovation, we will create a stunning piece of craftsmanship from your existing staircase. We have been serving thousands of happy customers since 1992 in the North West, proving our quality, and we are still family-run and driven, so every detail is taken care of for you – saving you time, money and hassle!

A Bespoke staircase is designed to fit perfectly into your home, as well as suit your lifestyle and budget. Each bespoke staircase in Manchester is custom-built to your specifications, making it a truly unique piece of furniture.

Our designers have the ability to take an existing staircase and create the exact look you want for your home. Alternatively, we can create a brand-new staircase for you from scratch. The bespoke staircases we offer will fit seamlessly into both old and new build properties.

So no matter whether you are in need of staircase renovation or would like to have a complete new staircase fabricated we can help.

Glass Staircases Manchester

We offer our customers a variety of options when it comes to glass staircases in Manchester and throughout the North West. A large amount of construction has been done using glass for decades. Though fragile, glass is known to be sturdy and resilient. In the right hands, our glass staircases in Manchester can bring a luxurious look to your interior, creating an impact from the moment you walk through the door. Glass balustrades are the perfect addition to any contemporary new home while also looking right at place in a more traditional design. 

A glass staircase is a great option if you want your home to have an exclusive and excellent vibe, and if you decide to go with a glass staircase, some pieces of it will be tempered instead of the entire structure. Furthermore, you can choose from straight or L-shaped glass staircase /U-shaped steps, or even arched ones tailored to your floor plan.

As part of our excellent bespoke service, we can help you design and engineer glass staircases in Manchester in a way that is extremely structurally sound. So, if you feel a glass staircase in Manchester will enhance the look of your home contact our team today.

Iron Staircases Manchester

At Transform, we are often contracted to design, construct, and install iron and metal staircases in Manchester and the North West. There is a wide variety of design choices for iron staircases, from traditional forged designs, often coupled with metal details, to ultramodern stairs using steel, wood and glass components.

You can rely on our services for iron staircases in Manchester to act as an upgrade for your old furnishings or as an eye-catching complement to your newly constructed staircase. With 30 years of experience and the help of our fully bespoke service, we are always on hand to blueprint some of your own designs to help make them come to life.

As is the case with other types of staircases our team is also able to carry out staircase renovation on existing iron models. For advice on iron staircases for your property, please contact us.

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    Traditional Staircases Manchester

    Transform’s traditional staircases in Manchester remind us of bygone eras and stately homes with charm and adding tranquillity and beauty to your house with these bespoke wooden staircases is a timeless country feeling. Our expert workers can design and process this traditional staircase using wood; our staircases are crafted from the best of materials and perfectly suited to your design. Our team knows there’s no wrong choice when it comes to a traditional staircase. As a durable, classy, and sleek design, the traditional aesthetic interacts well with many furnishings and interior designs.

    With elegantly chamfered spindles and newel posts, or with a more detailed appearance through a fluted design, the beauty of wood shines through. An extremely luxurious looking range of boxed sections is offered by the range of our offered traditional staircases in Manchester.

    No matter what your style is, our collection will help you create a staircase that’ll add a touch of elegance to any hallway. So get in touch with our friendly family today!

    By adding a bespoke staircase to your home it will be totally transformed into the space you always wanted. So to get the perfect staircase for your home or to find out all about our range of staircase renovation, fabrication and design services get in touch with our experienced team today.